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TeleVue 19mm Panoptic eyepiece 1.25Ó (post paid)

TeleVue 19mm Panoptic eyepiece 1.25Ó (post paid)

Postby CeeDee » Sun Sep 18, 2011 12:56 am

[size="5"]*** SOLD ***[/size]

As new in excellent condition. Only selling as with my aging eyes Pentax XWs give me more comfortable eye relief, thus better viewing.

Complete with original box

Pick up an as-new Panoptic for a bargain price!


Wonderful medium-power eyepiece.

TeleVue Panoptic premium-quality eyepieces have six lens elements, with an ED (extra low dispersion glass) element for exceptional contrast and a very wide field. The design provides relatively long eye relief, with up to five times the field edge correction of older wide field designs when used on fast focal ratio scopes.

They are designed for low to medium power use down to f/4 with any telescope. They can be exceptional with fast focal ratio Dobsonian reflectors, particularly when combined with a TeleVue 2" Paracorr coma corrector to correct the coma otherwise visible in the very wide fields of longer focal length eyepieces. Their wide fields allow longer undisturbed observing time than conventional eyepieces before a Dobsonian has to be moved to re-acquire an object.

The Panoptics approach the performance of TeleVue Nagler eyepieces in image quality, although with a narrower field of view. They are available in 1.25" and 2" barrel models and in a 22mm model that has concentric 1.25" and 2" barrels that allow it to be used in both 1.25" and 2" focusers and star diagonals without the need to change diagonal or eyepiece adapter.

The Panoptics are fully multicoated, with blackened lens edges for high contrast. All have soft fold-down rubber eyecups, with rubber grip rings for comfort in cold weather, and all are threaded for filters.

Retails at: £190 -> £199
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