The Pike and Musket pub receives good lighting award

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The Pike and Musket pub receives good lighting award

Postby Graham Southorn » Thu Oct 08, 2009 12:36 pm

This received on 8 October 2009 from amateur astronomer John Fletcher:

A while back I emailed Mitchell and Butlers and also spoke on the phone to them about some very intrusive high-powered searchlights that pointed vertically directly into the night sky. I requested that they be removed as it was destroying my astronomical pro-am observational astrometry and photometric measures of near Earth objects and comets I send in to The Smithsonian Institute, at The Minor Planet center (MPC) at Harvard University in the USA.

They contacted the new manager Mr. Rob Coles and we met up within a few days, he having contacted me in person. Rob agreed it was an awful waste of energy and not cost effectively in the interest of the business and also agreed it was lighting up the night sky and nothing else. They were at ground level and one was in fact very unsafe from a car having driven over it a few days before. They were removed within a few days and all other lights are now pointing downwards to where the light is needed most.

I contacted Mr. Bob Mizon who is deeply involved with The Dark Skies Campaign run by The British Astronomical Association and I recommended to him that The Pike and Musket receive the Good Lighting Award. It was granted without question. It has the signatures of famous TV astronomer Sir Patrick Moore, and also a past president of The British Astronomical Association Dr John Mason on it.

Ed's note - The Pike and Musket is in Tuffley, Gloucester
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