Two Comets in Ophiuchus

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Two Comets in Ophiuchus

Postby mjpfc » Sun Jan 19, 2014 6:15 pm

Along with most of the western world I have been following R1 Loverjoy as it blases across
the sky.

Over the last couple of weeks it has been getting closer and closer to the already Nearby X1 Linear.

This morning they where a few degrees away from one another, and in a bad sky Lovejoy is STILL visible in binoculars. There are good bright star markers near these Comets and so they are quite easy to find.

Lovejoy's large head is about mag 7.7, though the long tail gets fainter quickly as it recedes.
Linears Coma is about mag 8 with a faint, short fan of a tail speading away.

S@N for Feb notes that another Comet in very nearby Serpens Caput is currently dropping down from mag 12 to the low mag 11s so we should soon be back to 3 easily observable comets from late this month and early next.

At present the two are well worth getting up early for, 05:00 outdoors should do it.

Clear skies, Mick
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