U.F.O posing as stars???

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U.F.O, Stars or Satelite?

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Re: U.F.O posing as stars???

Postby Kaiser » Thu Sep 07, 2017 8:26 am

I saw the same thing last summer (2016) with a friend of mine. We saw what initially looked like a shooting star that shot from one end of the sky to the other. As it was shooting across I focused in on it better and noticed it was 3 stars grouped together like a triangle moving in sync. What made it even more weird and made me believe it wasn't man-made was that the 3 stars were alternating NOT rotating position. There was no sound or no outline of a shape of a craft. Just 3 stars. These alternating stars in formation shooting across the sky at a speed that could not be any aircraft was beyond mind boggling. It made my heart sink into my stomach and changed my life forever.
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Re: U.F.O posing as stars???

Postby Mrg » Wed Sep 13, 2017 9:31 pm

This sounds very similar to what i say a few months back. Date 08 July 2017 time 2240/5 Location London UK.I was looking at a clear sky and noticed nothing out of the ordinary .I glanced away for a minute then looked up again. I witnessed 3 bright lights traveling in a triangle formation 1 front 2 rear. They were traveling at the same speed and were bright as the ISS when viewed at 75 degrees. They were traveling from southwest to North East over my house. I watched them for about 5 seconds then all of a sudden all 3 faded out to nothing. I have studied ISS and satellites they don’t fade out that quick you can watch them travel across the sky for a minute or so. These just turned off?
They were first observed at about 75 degrees and faded out at about 80 degrees. It was as if they just cloaked when i noticed them. The 2 rear lights appeared to be about 10-15 inches apart in the sky if measured. Secret craft/extra-terrestrial intelligence possibly.
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