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U.F.O posing as stars???

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U.F.O, Stars or Satelite?

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Re: U.F.O posing as stars???

Postby 5thDimension » Sat Aug 18, 2018 7:05 pm

Every morning I see the same UFO pretending to be a star between the hours of 3:45 and 4:45am in Sydney.
It sparkles like a star, but it moves like a UFO - hovers and drops then rises very smoothly, I know it’s not a drone, as drones don’t behave like that. One thing new I noticed this morning at 3:44am was that when I looked into the sky to find it, it wasn’t there, but almost as though it could feel me looking for it, it’s lights slowly flickered on from a distance and faded, then came to its normally bright star light appearance. It stays hovering around a small area the size of a small football field and then in moves away and vanishes. I have seen similar UFOs last year, one in the Inner West, Sydney and a very large one hovering above Bondi, that one was more of an angular/geometric, shape shifting UFO, it was the size of a truck and was extremely colourful - it appreared mid morning.
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Re: U.F.O posing as stars???

Postby Spica » Tue Jan 29, 2019 3:32 pm

I have an answer for all of you. As the explanation has 64 pages it won't fit here. So please check out the website: starsRufo.
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