Viewing Site in South Yorkshire?

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Viewing Site in South Yorkshire?

Postby pauls » Fri Jun 19, 2009 5:10 pm


I currently live in Barnsley ( South Yorkshire ) and was wondering if anyone knows a good place for me to go out observing.
My Garden is ok, but there is a lot of light around at night, (street lights etc) and i can only really see one direction.
I am close to a number of fields, but these are not like grassy park type fields, they are farming fields, so not sure about going into one without permission. And I'm not keen on walking through some playing fields late at night (worried about unruly kids playing havoc with my scope).
If anyone lives anywhere close by and knows some good viewing spots it would be greatly appreciated.
This problem is preventing me using my scope regularly, so i feel i am missing out.

Thanks in advance

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