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Parts help!

PostPosted: Wed Aug 02, 2017 11:09 am
by Sootay12
Hi guys!

I recently bought my first telescope hoping for some dreamy star gazing but as I got home I realised I'm missing pieces! I went back to the person I bought it off and he wasn't there! The telescope is a NG70FS. I believe I'm missing the 45° prism. 3x Barlow lense and 4mm/20mm eye piece. I've had a look online and prices vary from 30-40 pounds for the named brands to 5-10 for the generic ones. Is there much difference between these? Also I don't know which one would fit. I've measured the diameter of the hole where it belongs and it measures 2.5cm. there is a screw on the side of the hole to tighten anything that goes inside it. I hope this is enough detail. Any pointer to which one I should buy or where to buy the parts from would be a great help. Thanks!

Re: Parts help!

PostPosted: Wed Aug 02, 2017 5:54 pm
by Aratus
You seem to be missing quite a lot. You might try National Geographic's distributors. (Trend's UK) They might be able to supply spare parts.

Failing that, your telescope uses the 0.965 inch type eyepieces which aren't particularly easy to find, although they don't usually cost very much if you do. If you type in '0.965 eyepiece' into eBay or any other web site that sell that sort of thing you will find what you need. The quality of those eyepieces will probably match the quality of the telescope you have. I noticed there was a '0.965 kit' for £21.