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3rd, 6th & 20th April, South West England - Adur/Worthing Events

PostPosted: Wed Apr 01, 2009 11:30 am
by trevorl
Hi All

Thought you might be interested in a few event’s coming up.

[b][i]This Friday evening 3rd April at Herstmonceux from 18-30hrs.[/i][/b]

On this special evening we will be sketching the Moon even if the weather is cloudy!
While 3 of the large historic telescopes will be looking at other interesting astronomical objects smaller telescopes on the lawns will be trained on the Moon and you will have the opportunity to sketch its features just as the astronomers Thomas Harriot and Galileo did almost 400 years ago!

In addition Sally Russell, amateur astronomer and artist will be holding drop in sessions where she will be able to teach you how to sketch the Moon using different media either from a projected image through a large telescope (weather permitting) or from photographs Sally has taken. Don’t miss this opportunity to take some hints and tips from an expert!

[b][i]Monday 6th April Adur Astronomical Society.[/i][/b]

Nik Szymanek and Ed Sampson will be giving talks, we have invited several local Astronomical Societies along for the evening which will be held in The Barn Theatre starting at 19-30hrs.


Details on how to find the venue…

[b][i]We will also be giving details of a new book launch aimed at Beginners wanting to get into Astrophotography, I cant say who it’s by but most of you on the Forum know him and his meticulous work.[/i][/b]

Bern “Modern astronomy” and Hantsastro both with stalls will also be down for the evening.

[b][i]Monday 20th April Worthing Astronomical Society.[/i][/b]

For all you people interested in that large bright object that you DSO Imagers always seem to mention on those lovely clear nights…

A talk on Lunar Selenology by Dr Katherine Joy, UCL School of Earth Sciences
Will start at 19-30hrs..

Details are on the website:


RE: Adur/Worthing Events.

PostPosted: Wed Apr 01, 2009 12:20 pm
by Chanctonbury
Really looking forward to Nik's talk on Monday, I hope it turns out to be a sell-out event for the society.