Which is the better 10 inch reflector

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Which is the better 10 inch reflector

Postby mckinnell » Wed Jul 04, 2018 11:23 pm

Greeting to all,

After some many years out of Astronomy i have decided to come back to the fold as it were, with this in mined i have but one question on the two 10 inch Dobsonian reflectors i have to choose from and they are the Bresser, or, the SkyWatcher Skyline 250 PX.

Excepting the mounting of the tube to the main mount stand as it were, i see no great difference in either of them, so, if any kind persons out their have these two types and could/would enlighten me as the over all advantages of one over the other, it will help me to ascertain which i finally get.

Many grateful thanks to all and regards,

Tom................ :) ;) 8-) age 64
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