William Optics FLT 110 Apo triplet ** SOLD **

William Optics FLT 110 Apo triplet ** SOLD **

Postby CeeDee » Sat Jan 28, 2012 3:43 pm

[font="ms sans serif"][size="2"]The legendary FLT 110 tube was always destined to become WO's flagship 4" APO, a position it has maintained over the years. Featuring a superb quality triplet lens, a brand new DDG 3.5” focuser, this scope is both fast and light. Featuring a TMB designed optic with Japanese Ohara FPL-51 glass in a rugged precision-engineered CNC machined lens cell with safety ball-bearings for enhanced performance at low temperatures. I have found it an ideal, high-quality, portable astrograph and visual instrument. The FLT 110 is probably one of the smartest instruments produced by William optics. Combining excellent optical, mechanical and cosmetic quality this is a great little telescope. So, why sell it?

It is with great reluctance but I need more aperture to punch through the light pollution here in inner London. Although the FLT 110 does an astoundingly good job for its size it can’t quite resolve the stars in M13, for example, although the trapezium in the M42 is an easy target for it, even in London. So I’ve decided to push the boat out and have saved the pennies for the slightly faster scope with larger aperture. Sadly, I cannot justify to the domestic authority that having two refractors is better than one…... So the FLT 110 has to go.

It has a number of small scrapes, scratches and blemishes on the dew shield (I have photos available) as it has been taken just about everywhere to and from star parties. I have recently had the optics checked and thoroughly tested by an optical engineer at Telescope House who passed it with flying colours. It has a perfectly formed intra-focal and extra-focal airy disc. The optics were so good that he was reluctant to ‘fiddle’ with them as he put it. The scope is fitted with a new 3.5” DDG Crayford focuser but its ON/OFF button has become slightly depressed. The LCD is perfectly operational.

W.O. mounting rings are included of course. The scope comes with a substantial carrying case which has never been out of the original packing box! It also has a Geoptik padded, carrier bag (worth €70.00) which it tends to live in. [b]The Baader mounting plate is NOT included in the sale… [/b]I just can’t bear to take it off before the scope finally goes….

Whoever the lucky purchaser is, just you wait until you enjoy first light with this scope: it’s an excellent performer!

E[b]mail me at: [email=chris@drage.co.uk]chris@drage.co.uk[/email] for photos and further information.

Mobile: 07956508141

[size="5"]*** SOLD ***[/size]

Package weighs in at 18kg 840 x 260 x 320mm[/b]

Once you have secured the purchase, we can discuss how you want it shipped (with or without compensation etc.) or indeed picked up in person from Shepherds Bush, West London. [/size][/font]
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