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A Search for Life on Exoplanets: a talk by Dr Psul Rimmer
Hampshire Astronomical Group
Clanfield Memorial Hall, South Lane Clanfield Hants PO8 0RB
Fri Nov 9, 2018
Time: 7.30 f0r 7.45pm start
Price: £3 for non members, on the door
Are we alone in the universe? Is our galaxy teeming with alien life, or is our small blue planet the lone island of life in an otherwise dead universe? The discovery of exoplanets, planets orbiting other stars, has been explosive. The number of known exoplanets is now well over 3000. Some of these planets are rocky, and are the right distance from their star, not too hot and not too cold, for life. Do these planets have atmospheres? Could life have started on their surfaces? Are there signs of life on other planets that we would have a chance to see from Earth, and how do we find these signatures? Dr Rimmer will talk about how far exoplanet science has come to answering these questions, and how far we still need to go in our search for life on other worlds.

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