About us

Chris Bramley – Editor

Chris’s first foray into astronomy came in 1986 on the trail of that year’s visitor to the inner Solar System (he still has his Official Halley’s Comet Project Book). Now his dark-sky getaways mostly centre on the Brecon Beacons, where he’s liable to be reclined in a sunlounger, attempting to locate deep-sky objects in his binoculars, or training his Mak-Cass on the Milky Way’s glittering starfields.

Steve Marsh – Art Editor

At 15 Steve sold his bike to buy his first telescope. He spent the next 3 years sketching as many messier objects as he could find from his garden in light polluted London (i.e, not many) then at the age of 18 discovered beer. Many years later, upon taking up the mantle of Art Editor on the magazine, he re-discovered his passion for astronomy and has since spent far too many nights risking frostbite imaging the Moon.

Neil McKim – Production Editor

Neil has enjoyed looking at the night sky since catching a glimpse of Mars through a Celestron refractor in his early teenage years. As a regular camper he enjoys stargazing from the southernmost tip of the country near Land’s End, which (fog-permitting) offers superb dark sky conditions.

Elizabeth Pearson – News Editor

Elizabeth’s love affair with space began in a field in Cornwall, aged 7, when she looked up at the Milky Way for the first time. Ever since, she’s been attempting to cram in every fact about the Universe she can find into her head.

Iain Todd – Staff Writer

The night sky first grabbed Iain’s attention as a child when a family friend pointed out the Orion constellation to him. These days he enjoys observing the Moon through binoculars and discussing the cosmos with space scientists and astronauts. He still looks forward every year to that first glimpse of Orion in the winter sky.