Guide to solar astronomy

A fitting tribute to Annie Maunder's solar work, AMAT's dedicated hydrogen-alpha telescope can capture dynamic activity in the Sun's broiling atmosphere.
Credit: Royal Observatory Greenwich AMAT (c) National Maritime Museum, London

Summer is the time to discover daytime astronomy and the wealth of detail visible on our nearest star with certified solar equipment.


Astrophotography Courses

Astromount has teamed up with some leading astro-imaging figures to run a series of courses, all of which are designed for the experienced, as well as the beginner photographer.

The courses aim to inspire both practicing, and armchair astronomers.

Join us and find out the tips and tricks to make your imaging easier and better.

Our Solar Astronomy: Observing and Imaging our Sun course incorporates telescopes types and setups used for solar imaging including white light, Ha, and CaK, and use of double stack systems, types of cameras, collimation, focusing, image size, capturing the data, pre-processing, stacking videos and still images, final processing, base use popular software.

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F1 Telescopes

If you are interested in observing or imaging the Sun then why not pay us a visit.

We hold regular solar observing sessions outside our shop in Sittingbourne, weather permitting, using both white light and Ha. Everyone is welcome to join in, just call us for details.

Check out our Facebook page for images already taken.

This image was taken using Lunt LS80 B1800 solar scope and Celestron Skyris 274M mono CCD during one of our regular public imaging and viewing sessions held at our shop.

We can supply scopes and accessories from Lunt, Coronado etc for those wishing to take things further!

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Image the Sun… …with the latest high-speed cameras from Point Grey Research.

The new FLEA 3 and BLACKFLY cameras offer speeds up to 150FPS and pixel sizes down to 1.55micron!

For simplicity look no further than EMC’s adjustable size white light solar filters.

For all telescopes and binoculars with 48mm to 509mm diameter tubes.

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Telescope House

Telescope House provide a wealth of solar observational equipment.

We are official UK importers for Lunt Solar Systems, including their incredibly popular Lunt H-Alpha telescopes, Calcium K filters and Herschel Wedges and have an array of their solar instruments to try out at our Starborough Farm HQ.

In addition to these fine Lunt systems, we have many years’ experience of dealing with Coronado Solar telescopes and also provide an array of full aperture white light filtration from Orion USA and Baader.

Come along to our Starborough Farm showrooms on a sunny day and you’ll often find us outside observing the Sun through our display solar scopes – you’d be welcome to join us!

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The Astronomy Centre

The Astronomy Centre stocks a comprehensive range of quality solar telescopes and filters for safe viewing of the Sun.

Call us for friendly expert advice or visit our website to see our range of Baader solar filters for your telescope or binoculars, or the range of Lunt solar telescopes for really amazing views of the changing features on the Sun’s surface.

Tel: 01223 911150


Baader Solar Filters

  • Safe solar observation/photography with original Baader AstroSolar® Safety Film (OD 5.0).
  • Holds firmly on almost any telescope, binoculars, spotting scope, camera or tele-lens.
  • ASTF-filters for high magnification work with temperature compensating filtercell.
  • Always find the right solar filter for your device with our finder tool.
  • For telescopes, binoculars, and spotting scopes.

Baader 2” Safety Herschel Wedge

  • There is no better way for uncompromising solar observation/ photography in white light.
  • Available for visual and photographic use with additional filters.
  • Translucent ceramic tile absorbs heat and works as finder.
  • Includes a 2” clicklock clamp to securely clamp any eyepiece with only a gentle push.

Baader Solar Continuum Filter (1¼” / 2”)

  • Works in conjunction with a primary white light solar filter (or Herschel Wedge) to show more granulation and sunspot detail.
  • Boosts contrast and cuts down on atmospheric disturbances but transmits at 540nm.
  • Suitable for visual work as well as solar imaging.
  • Available from dealers nationwide.
  • Website: