Solar astronomy

Published: March 2, 2014 at 12:00 pm

To get a better look at the Sun this summer, there’s no better way than with a dedicated solar telescope.


With one of these, you’ll reveal detail on the surface of our star in complete safety.

Their precision optics will unveil the giant, 1.4km diameter ball of helium and hydrogen at the centre of our Solar System as a body riven with activity – driven by nuclear fusion, seething plasma and interwoven magnetic fields.

Thanks to the etalon at the heart of a solar telescope, you can home in on an exact wavelength of light given off by excited hydrogen atoms, known as hydrogen-alpha.

This light comes from a layer in the Sun’s atmosphere that’s above the visible surface, called the chromosphere.

The familiar view of the Sun is transformed with a solar scope: it appears darker, with active regions marked by brilliants swirls of hydrogen.

Bright filaments and prominences of hydrogen float above the chromosphere, and with luck you’ll witness the vast release of magnetic tension in a powerful solar flare.

Uncover this world of visual excitement with one of the solar scopes in the guide.

Green Witch

Green Witch sells Solar Telescopes from Coronado, Lunt and Solarscope backed up by friendly expert advice.

Let us help you choose the model that is right for you.

We also supply solar filters, solar film and solar projectors suitable for families, youth groups and schools.

Tel: 01924 477 719


Image the Sun... …..with the latest high speed cameras from Point Grey Research! The new FLEA 3 and BLACKFLY cameras offer speeds up to 150FPS and pixel sizes down to 1.55micron!

For simplicity look no further than EMC’s adjustable size white light solar filters.

For all telescopes and binoculars with 48mm to 509mm diameter tubes!

Tel: 0843 330 4988


David Hinds

Look no further than Baader Planetarium for a range of filters and telescope accessories to suit solar observers of all levels of experience and budgets.

Two highlights are AstroSolar Safety Film and the stunning 2” Cool-Ceramic Safety Herschel Prism, both available as visual or photographic versions.

Tel: 01525 852 696



365Astronomy can supply you with Solar observation and photographic solutions of all kinds.

We sell purpose built Solar Telescopes and Herschel Wedges from Lunt Solarsystems and a wide range of accessories for solar observations and photography from Baader Planetarium:

Herschel wedge, Astro Solar Safety Films, Telecentric accessories, Solar Continuum filters, Energy Rejection filters and more.

Tel: 02033 845 187


Altair Astro

The Altair Sabre Alt-Azimuth Mount is a different take on modern telescope mounts.

There are no electronics, and no buttons to press.

One simply loosens the clutch-knobs, and points the telescope at the target.

By partially tightening the clutches, a smooth dampened motion makes observing a pleasure, even at relatively high powers.

Designed for those who want a manual mount to explore the heavens at night, daytime solar observing, or even terrestrial observation at high powers.

Up to two telescopes can be mounted together with a variety of optional Altair TMS 3” wide or 1.75” narrow format dovetail clamps.

The Sabre-AZ fits most astro-tripods on the market, and if you have a larger scope, there’s an optional stainless steel counterweight bar which fits most counterweights too.

Tel: 01263 731 505


Telescope House

Telescope House can provide a wealth of Solar observational equipment.

We are UK importers of Coronado H-Alpha Solar Max Telescopes and the incredibly popular Coronado PST and usually have a great variety of Coronado scopes in stock at any time.

In addition to the fine Coronado range, Telescope House can also offer premium Solar Scopes, H-Alpha and Calcium-K Filters and Herschel Wedges from Lunt Solar Systems.

We also stock glass white light filters from Orion USA, Solar Film and other equipment from Baader and the SolRanger Solar Finder from TeleVue.

Come along to our Lingfield Store on sunny days and you’ll often find us outside observing the Sun through our display Solar Scopes – you’d be welcome to join us!

Tel: 01342 837 610




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