Space 3D – special collector’s edition

This incredible new special issue from Sky At Night Magazine showcases 100 pages of spectacular 3D images of the Universe and comes with a foreword by none other than the legendary astronomer Brian May.


From eye-popping images of Apollo astronauts exploring the Moon to deep canyons and craters on Mars, you’ll be amazed at how the cosmos leaps out in 3D.


Using the special 3D glasses supplied with each book you’ll be able to see spacecraft, Mars, the Moon, galaxies and nebulae in amazing 3D detail.

It’s the perfect present for young and old alike, with easy to understand captions to explain what you’re looking at.

Sky at Night Magazine’s latest collector’s edition, Space 3D, is available exclusively from WH Smith.

You can also order directly by calling 0844 844 0254 or from BBC Magazine subscriptions.


Here are a few examples of the stunning 3D images that Space 3D contains: