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It is quite easy to become daunted by the vast array of equipment that is available to today’s amateur astronomers.

Different makes, different models, different sizes and optical arrangements – if you’re new to the hobby, how do you make sense of all these details and find the telescope that will show you the Universe?

The answer lies in buying from a specialist retailer – somewhere that really knows what they’re talking about.

Like the retailers in this guide, they’ll have the practical knowledge that will guide you towards the scope that won’t end up gathering dust in a cupboard.

Today there are over 1,000 models of telescope to choose from – refractors and re ectors, Dobsonians and Newtonians, Schmidt- and Maksutov-Cassegrains.

And just as important as the telescope is the mount it sits on; but do you go for equatorial or altazimuth, manual or Go-To?

And what about accessories like eyepieces and nderscopes?

That’s certainly a lot to consider before making a decision, but a specialist retailer will help you make that decision, taking important considerations like portability, construction and price into account.

So if you need friendly, face-to-face advice and excellent aftersales service, free from biased opinions, specialist telescope retailers are the place to go for a helping hand through the technical literature and tables of gures.


They’ll help you find a scope that combines quality and convenience at a price that’s right.