Cool as a camera


“This one is cooled for better deep-sky performance” – ZWO’s ASI071MC camera. Image Credit:


With imaging such a dominate aspect of amateur astronomy, it’s no wonder we feature cameras of all types in our reviews.

Our November issue is no exception!

Tim Jardine had the pleasure of reviewing ZWO’s ASI071MC-Cool colour camera with an APS-C sensor; something often associated with popular DSLRs but, as the name suggests, this one is cooled for better deep-sky performance.

How far sensor technology can be pushed is anyone’s guess, but while technology continues to push the boundaries of sensor sensitivity, we will endeavour to follow up with our reviews each month!

Of course, a camera is no good without a telescope or mount, so for our November issue we asked Nicholas Joannou to put iOptron’s CEM25P to the test.

This is a portable GoTo mount with the unusual ‘Z’ design of the centre-balanced mount, which gives it a unique look and feel. Nicholas had great fun with it so make sure you read his review.

Also this issue, I explored the virtues of the Explore Scientific ED102 FCD-100 refactor.

A short focal length triplet with good colour correction, I enjoyed using it so much I was reluctant to hand it back!

It’s good when a telescope can be used for both visual and imaging purposes but the clean splitting of the triple star Iota Cassiopeiae was a treat both visually and for imaging.


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