The best UK science festivals for astronomy

UK science festivals can be a great opportunity to attend talks and performances on astronomy, or to get together with like-minded people for a spot of stargazing.

Space fans young and old can usually find something at a science festival to sate their stargazing appetite. Credit: Cheltenham Science Festival
Published: May 30, 2019 at 2:59 pm
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UK science festivals often have at least one astronomy or space-related event, making them a great opportunity to find out more about the night sky and get involved in some stargazing.


Keep an eye on which annual science festivals occur near you, and when, and check their website or social media to see whether any astronomy events are taking place.

Below is a list of some of the biggest annual science festivals in the UK.


British Science Festival
Where: Exact location differs year to year
When: September

Pint of Science
Where: Informal pub-based science outreach, occurring at various venues across the UK.
When: various dates



Amazed by Science
Where: Cheshire-wide, various venues.
When: late May / early June

Where: Jodrell Bank Observatory, Cheshire
When: July

County Durham

Celebrate Science
Where: Durham University, Durham
When: Late October


Sidmouth Science Festival
Where: Sidmouth, various locations
When: Early October


Cheltenham Science Festival
Where: Cheltenham-wide, various venues.
When: June


Electromagnetic Field
Where: Eastnor, UK
When: July


Lancashire Science Festival
Where: University of Central Lancashire, Preston
When: Late June


UCL Your Universe
Where: University College London.
When: March

The Great Exhibition Road Festival
Where: Exhibition road, south Kensington
When: June

Summer Science Exhibition
Where: The Royal Society, Carlton House Terrace, London
When: July


Nottingham Festival of Science and Curiosity
Where: Nottingham-wide, various venues
When: February


ATOM Festival of Science & Technology
Where: Abingdon-on-Thames
When: March

West Yorkshire

Leeds Festival of Science
Where: Leeds-wide, various venues.
When: March-April

Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland Science Festival
Where: Across Northern Ireland, various venues.
When: February

Comedy meets science in the pub at A Science Skeptacular, as part of the Edinburgh Science Festival. Credit: Edinburgh Science Festival
Comedy meets science in the pub at A Science Skeptacular, as part of the Edinburgh Science Festival. Credit: Edinburgh Science Festival



Edinburgh Science Festival
Where: Edinburgh-wide, various venues
When: April


Dundee Science Festival
Where: Dundee Science Centre
When: October
Dundee Science Festival's Twitter page


Glasgow Science Festival
Where: Glasgow-wide, various venues
When: June


Inverness Science Festival
Where: Inverness, various locations
When: Late May / early April


Middle of Scotland Science Festival (MoSSFest)
Where: Mugdock Coutry Park, Mugdock
When: October



Festival of Discovery
Where: Anglesey
When: late May / early June


South Wales

Cardiff Science Festival
Where: City-wide, various locations
When: Late February / early March


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