Hotshots: top readers’ astrophotos, 2017

Each month at BBC Sky at Night Magazine we receive incredible astrophotos from readers across the globe, and select the best for our monthly Gallery. Here we present the 12 winning images from 2017, in all their glory.

Sarah and Simon Fisher, Worcestershire, 30 October 2016 

Sarah says: “My husband Simon and I were delighted to have consecutive clear nights in October to image our nearest natural neighbour. The seeing was outstanding, and with UK skies being so changeable (and cloudy) we were ecstatic to be able to have our telescope out four nights on the trot.”

Equipment: Canon EOS 600D DSLR camera, 5-inch Maksutov-Cassegrain.

Thanks to everyone who sent in their images this year. From incredible captures of deep-sky objects, to impromptu nightscapes captured on a smartphone, it’s been another fantastic year of astrophotography.


If you would like to submit your most recent and favourite astrophotos for the chance to appear in the mag, you can do so via our online gallery.