Space Conquest

Space Conquest cover

Haynes will forever be associated with insanely detailed vehicle servicing manuals, so news of a Haynes book on spaceflight had us drooling at the thought of beautifully drawn rocket diagrams.


In fact, Space Conquest is a slightly idiosyncratic illustrated history, first published in France in 2007.

The book is split into five roughly equal chapters, each covering a particular phase in the history of manned spaceflight.

We learn about the political and technological race to put the first man in space and the ensuing Vostok and Gemini missions.

Later chapters cover the Gemini missions that paved the way for Apollo and the often-overlooked Soviet Voskhod flights.

After some discussion of the Moon landings, there’s the aftermath: the Soviet Union’s speciality of long-duration spaceflight aboard orbiting stations and NASA’s Space Shuttle.

The book finishes rather abruptly, with brief discussions of the Chinese spaceflight programme and NASA’s plans for a return to the Moon.


However, it’s the stunning photos that will keep you turning the pages of this book.

Giles Sparrow is the author 
of Cosmos: A Field Guide