December 2015

Sky At Night Dec 15

The December 2015 issue of BBC Sky at Night Magazine is in the shops now!

This month’s issue features a free Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2016 calcendar, featuring the winners of this year’s competition and a month-by month guide to the night sky.


Also inside this month’s issue:

Britain in Space – Tim Peake’s launch to the ISS is just the latest in a long history of UK spaceflight and research
Exoplanet Hunters: the Next Generation – Will Gater looks at a new British mission to search for planets outside our Solar System
Bodges, Blunders and Bullets – strange tales from the world of astronomy
The Worlds of Star Wars – Dr Elizabeth Pearson looks back on the sci-fi saga to find out if any of its planets could exist close to home
A Record Year for Space – why 2015 has been a memorable year for space exploration
Capturing Planets the Dobsonian Way – Using a Dob to image the planets
– Reviews: SkyVision 24-inch T600 Compact Go-To DobsonianTele Vue DeLite eyepiece range, Atik 4120EX colour CCD camera
– Access the bonus content for our Geminids special, revealing how to observe and photograph the meteors.
We talk to Alison Rose and Professor Neville J Woolf about their new astronomy documentary film Star Men
Plus, October’s BBC Sky at Night episode looking at volcanic eruptions, December’s Virtual Planetariumdeep sky tour chartget started guides, observing forms and Hotshots and Eye On The Sky picture galleries, including a Hotshots Lunar Eclipse Special.
– This year’s Astronomers’ Gift Guide
Understanding optical aberrations in The Guide
– How to clean your DSLR sensor
Image processingunderstanding and using dark frames
Monthly Bulletin pages bring you up to date with all the latest astronomical news, as well as Cutting Edge revealing the highlights from brand new research
– Our December Sky Guide featuring the Geminid meteor shower, an all-sky chart, a deep-sky tour and more…
– Our Scope Doctor answers your technical kit questions
Interactive: your letters, tweets, forum posts and readers’ scopes
Gear – a round up of the latest astronomical accessories
What’s On listings – find out what astronomy events are on near you
Hotshots – this month’s pick of your very best astrophotos
– Beautiful new images from space in Eye on the Sky
– The latest astronomy books reviewed