November 2016

Published: November 10, 2016 at 12:00 pm

The November 2016 issue of BBC Sky at Night Magazine is in the shops now!


Inside this month's issue:

- A FREE lunar phases 2017 poster (print edition only)

- Rise of the Rovers - the next generation of rovers exploring the Red Planet

- Dark-sky Scotland - our pick of the best sites for Scottish stargazing

- Is there life on Europa? - examining new evidence of plumes on Jupiter's icy moon

- The Milky Way: From the Inside Out - how do astronomers map our Galaxy?

- Discovering Andromeda - take our star-hopping tour of M31

- Reviews: Meade ETX 90 Observer telescope, Altair Astro 100mm giant binoculars, Explore Scientific 12mm 92° eyepiece

- Access the Bonus Content for our interview with ExoMars 2016 project scientist Håkan Svedhem, and September's The Sky at Night episode in which Chris and Maggie look at the recent discovery of exoplanet Proxima b.

Plus, November's Virtual Planetariumdeep-sky tour chart, binocular tourobserving forms and Hotshots and Eye On The Sky picture galleries.

- Tidal locking and the lunar cycle in The Guide

- How to turn a coffee container into a dew shield

- Image processing - sharpening with a high pass filter

- Monthly Bulletin pages bring you up to date with all the latest astronomical news, as well as Cutting Edge revealing the highlights from brand new research

- Our new-look 17-page November Sky Guide

- Our Scope Doctor answers your technical kit questions

- Interactive: your letters, tweets, forum posts and readers’ scopes

- Gear – a round up of the latest astronomical accessories

- What’s On listings – find out what astronomy events are on near you

- Hotshots - this month's pick of your very best astrophotos

- Beautiful new images from space in Eye on the Sky

- The latest astronomy books reviewed


- What I Really Want To Know Is - what's the cause of Mars's mystery streaks?

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