2012 in summary

2012 in summary by John W. O'Neal, II, Amherst, Ohio, USA. Equipment: Lunt Solar Systems LS60THa, B1200 Blocking Filter, DMK31AU03.as, Antares 0.5 focal Reducer, Losmandy G-11, iOptron IEQ30.

John W. O’Neal, II

Amherst, Ohio, USA

Lunt Solar Systems LS60THa w/B1200 Blocking Filter. The Imaging Source DMK31AU03.as. Antares 0.5 focal Reducer.
Scope mounted on a Losmandy G-11 inside a Skyshed POD or on my portable setup, an iOptron IEQ30.

I enjoy shooting full disk images. While they may not have the hi-resolution details that some crave, the full disk images give a complete picture of all the solar activity going on at the moment the image was captured.
An image from January is top left, and December bottom right, with all the other months in between.