An Active Galaxy


Terry Hancock

Fremont, Michigan

Tech Details
Location: DownUnderObservatory, Fremont, MI
Captured over 3 nights in July 2016
Size: 4540×3630 pixels
Total integration Time 6.6 hours
LRGB 400 min, 10 x 10 min each 1×1
Filters by Optolong
QHY16200A monochrome CCD cooled to -20C
QHYOAG-M Off Axis Guider
Astro-Tech AT12RC
Paramount GT-1100S German Equatorial Mount
Image Acquisition Maxim DL
Pre Processing Pixinsight
Post Processing Photoshop CS6

Photographed from my backyard observatory in Fremont MI using the new QHY16200 Mono CCD.
Total Integration time 6.6 hours

This majestic Spiral Galaxy M106 lies at a distance of approximately 22-25 million Light Years from Earth in the Constellation Canes Venatici, it is believed to be an Active Galaxy generated by matter that is swallowed up by it’s central and massive black hole. Shown here bottom right hand corner of image is possible companion to M106, Spiral Galaxy NGC 4217 lying at a distance of approximately 60 million light years and just above center is Spiral Galaxy NGC 4248 estimated at a distance of 25 million light years.

There are many distant and faint galaxies speckled in the background of this image therefore I decided to invert the image to give you a better view.
Full size resolution of inverted image