SpaceConnectsUs: astronomers and astronauts discuss life in isolation

Astronauts and scientists will come together for virtual conference SpaceConnectsUs to discuss life in isolation.

Published: March 24, 2020 at 9:53 am
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One of the key challenges for the general public throughout the outbreak of the corona virus has been learning to live in isolation, physically cut off from friends, family and the rest of the world. This Thursday, 26 March 2020, astronauts, scientists and science fiction actors are coming together online as part of a virtual meeting to discuss the physical and mental solutions to life in isolation.


The initiative is free for anyone to join and will include remote sessions with astronauts from all over the world, discussing their experiences of life in isolation, plus techniques for overcoming the barriers created by confined spaces.

The programme is being run by the team behind Asteroid Day and will feature sessions in Dutch, English, German, Italian and French.

See below for timings and a list of confirmed speakers so far:


Dutch (NL) 16:00-16:30 CET – 11:00-11:30 EST – 08:00-08:30 PST

German (DE) 17:00-17:30 CET – 12:00-12:30 EST – 09:00-09:30 PST

Italian (IT) 18:00-18:30 CET – 13:00-13:30 EST – 10:00-10:30 PST

French (FR) 19:00-19:30 CET – 14:00-14:30 EST – 11:00-11:30 PST

English (EN) 20:00-21:00 CET – 15:00-16:00 EST – 12:00-13:00 PST


Brian Cox ​(English)

Ranga Yogeshwar​ (German)

Bruce Benamran (French)

Italian (TBD)

Planned participating astronauts

Tim Peake​ (ESA)

Alexander Gerst​ (ESA)

Samantha Cristoforetti​ (ESA)

Tom Jones​ (NASA)

Dorin Prunariu​ (Romanian)

Thomas Reiter​ (ESA)

Nicole Stott​ (NASA)

Matthias Maurer​ (ESA)

Frank De Winne​ (ESA)

Andre Kuipers​ (ESA)

Planned participating personalities

Mayim Bialik​ (Big Bang)

Murad Osmann​ (Photographer)

Alison Pill​ (StarTrek Picard)

Paulina Chávez ( Actor)

Angélique Kidjo ( singer )

Olivia Newton-John​ (singer)

Brian Blessed​ (actor)

Jan Wörner​ (ESA Director General)

Gianluca Masi​ (

More information


Twitter @asteroidday #SpaceConnectsUs



Iain Todd, BBC Sky at Night Magazine
Iain ToddScience journalist

Iain Todd is BBC Sky at Night Magazine's Content Editor. He fell in love with the night sky when he caught his first glimpse of Orion, aged 10.


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