Aurora arc

Aurora Arc by Jerry

Jerry “MagnuM” Porsbjer

Moskosel, Swedish Lapland (N 65°52’35,7” E 19°27’14,5”)

My camera at this moment was a Nikon D3s equipped with an ultra wide lens, AF-S Nikkor 14-24 mm 1:2,8G ED set at 14 mm and aperture 2,8.

I’m a professional photographer and was sitting in my editing studio with a lot of pics the whole night. Around 5:00 AM I was finished and went out for an early morning walk before the bed.

When I had been out only a few minutes I was surprised it was a lot of Northern Lights in the sky. I turned back home, grabbed one of my Nikon’s equipped with a 14-24 mm zoom lens. Then I went down to the lake behind our house and took some pics of the spectacle.

This pic is the best of all my shots. The Aurora arc did appeared real quickly and took a shape into a nearly perfect circle. In less than a minute, it has changed the total shape of the appearance. It’s not common that auroras take form of a circle like this.

Finally I can tell, normally the best time for watching auroras is at the magnetic midnight and that’s around 9:30 PM.