Barnard 323 + 324


Dan Crowson

Dardenne Prairie, Missouri

Imaged from Dardenne Prairie, Missouri (a red zone) on June 9th, 10th and 11th, 2016 with a SBIG ST-8300M on an Astro-Tech AT90DT at f/6.7 603mm


B323 is the dark nebula to right of the bottom center in the image. The somewhat darker nebula to the left is cataloged as TGU H299 P2.

B324 is the looping dark nebula to the left of the center of the image.

Luminance – 18x600s – 180 minutes – binned 1×1
RGB – 8x300s – 40 minutes each – binned 2×2

300 minutes total exposure – 5 hours