Belt, Sword, Loop


Graeme Coates

Standlake, Witney

Taken with a modded Canon 350d (Baader filter), Canon 85mm EF f1.8 USM lens (at f4.5) through an IDAS P2 filter. Mount: Losmandy GM-8.

Exposures: 21x5min at ISO400.

All controlled with a Raspberry Pi 3 running KStars/Ekos.

Reduction and processing using Pixinsight and Photoshop.

A familiar area of sky to many, here is central Orion showing the belt stars, the Orion Nebula, The Flame and Horsehead, M78 and the 2 million year old supernova remnant, Barnard’s Loop.

Also faintly visible is Sh2-278 and bluish nebula LBN 915 to its right, extending around Eta Orionis.