Cave Nebula Sh2-155


Richard Cardoe

Cambridge, UK

6x900s, 7×1800 Ha (5hrs)
10×1800 OII (5hrs)
8x1800s SII (4hrs)
Darks, flats and bias, all binned 1×1.
Total exposure of 14 hours.
Optic – SW Equinox ED80 DS-PRO with SW 0.85 reducer.
Mount – HEQ5 PRO Synscan with Rowan Belt Drive mod.
Sensor – Atik 383l+ Mono CCD + Baader 36mm 7nm Ha, 8.5nm OII and 8nm SII filters.
Guiding – ZWO ASI120MM + Orion 162mm/F3.2 guidescope with PHD2.
Sequence Generator Pro and PixInsight.

Imaged over 3 nights in April, I was pleased with the amount of signal that my first attempt at 30 minutes subs brought in.