Comet C/2017 E4 Lovejoy


José J. Chambó

Mayhill, New Mexico

Planewave 17″ CDK 1940mm f/4.5 & FLI-PL6303E

Comet C/2017 E4 (Lovejoy) imaged in March 31, 2017 only twenty days after its discovery and during maximum approach to Earth to 0.6 AU. In outburst and increasing its brightness from magnitude 15 when was discovered by Terry Lovejoy until magnitude 7 at time I took this image. The comet thrown then a ionic tail more than 1 degree long, going out of the field toward west (upwards). Showing a greenish coma of a diameter of 8 arcminutes so flattened shape, a trace of possible disintegration during next approching to Sun, such as succeded only ten days subsequently of take this image.