Crab nebula


Amit Sharma


Imaging scope: Celestron C8 with 0.63x focal reducer
Mount: Celestron AVZ
Guiding scope: TS Optics 60ED
Imaging camera: Starlight xpress SXV H9
Guiding camera: QHY5L II
Filters: Astronomik Ha Iski Oiii 12nm

A total of 9 Ha, 6 Oiii, 6 Sii exposures 400sec each.

This image of the mighty crab nebula was taken from the extremely light polluted zone of London near canary wharf. Often people ask me if it is worth doing astrophotography from London. This image shows clearly you can do it even in middle of great cities.

Taken using narrowband filters over a session which lasted 7.5 hours from setting up to tear down, I like the amount of detail visible. This is my first narrowband image.