Cygnus Wall – part of the North America Nebula – NGC 7000

Cygnus Wall Rob Little, ATIK 383L+ CCD Camera, Takahashi FSQ 106 refractor, Sky-Watcher NEQ6 Pro mount.

Rob Little


Takahashi FSQ 106 with 1.6 extender
NEQ6 pro mount

Narrowband (HA, OIII and SII) exposure of part of the North America Nebula known as the Cygnus Wall that has the greatest concentration of star birth in the nebula.Colours mapped to the Hubble Pallette.

I have invested in some new my equipment ( Takahashi FSQ 106 with reducer and extender) that allows me to select different focal lengths and therefore take an increased variety of shots compared to my smaller aperture Borg system. this is the first shot I have taken with the new system and I am very pleased with the outcome.Its taken some time to process as I had a holiday i the USA to see the eclipse so did not get around to processing until this week.