Diamond Ring


Melanie Thorne

Tidore, Indonesia

I have a Nikon 3200, I used a 70-300mm lens and a tripod. I made a solar filter from Baader Astro Film with cardboard sheets both sizes and the appropriate film in between sized for my 67mm diameter lens ‘creating a hole’ so to speak, with tabs stuck on one side and a band to hold it in place on my lens. It packs up flat which is what I like.

I had the priviledge with a group to go to Indonesia primarily for the Eclipse for the 9th March, and they had arranged with special permission to view it from the Sultans Palace. This is one of the images I took, my first Total, Solar Eclipse and of course therefore my first image of an eclipse, so I had to try and practise with exposures. I’m quite pleased though I know it won’t be as spectacular as taken from a Professional no doubt. It was such an amazing experience, and I just want to say apart from a beautiful sight, and we were lucky with the intermittent cloud, A Big Thank you to the Sultan and his party for such a great welcome, it was the people that made it such an electric experience and atmosphere in many ways. Thank you, Melanie