First color image of comet 67P (from Earth)


José J. Chambó Bris

Remotely from Siding Spring (Australia)

Planewave 20″ CDK f/4.4 reflector & FLI PL09000 camera

Image of the periodic comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko taken on June 24, 2015 entering to inner Solar Sistem with a brightness still near magnitude 14,5. I think is the first taken in color. The geometry of this apparition of comet 67P is very unfavorable for be observed from Earth being always at low altitude above horizon. In spite of difficulties for take the image shows a tail of 5′ long, and with more contrast can be detected a greenish envelope of 1,5′ diameter around a small inner coma whitish and very condensed in which is located the Rosetta probe orbiting the comet nucleus.