Flaming Star and a Spaghetti Hunt

Flaming Star and a Spaghetti Hunt by Graeme Coates, Standlake, Witney, UK.

Graeme Coates

Standlake, Witney

Baader modded 350d + Canon 85mm EF f1.8 USM (at f4). 79x5min (6h35m) at ISO400, through an IDAS P2.

Mount: Losmandy GM-8
Controlled with a Raspberry Pi 3 using Ekos.
Processing with PixInsight

The area around the Flaming Star Neb (IC405) including IC410, M36/37/38 and a whole host of Sh2, LDN, Barnard and IC objects.

I offset the framing to have a tilt at getting the SN remnant Simeis 147 (Sh2-240), otherwise known as the Spaghetti nebula. As a non narrowband image with an uncooled camera, I’ve just captured it (though v faint!!!). Most definitely one for an HA filter attempt with a more suitable rig!