Heart Nebula


Joshua Rhoades

Elkhart, Illinois

-Celestron Advanced VX mount
-Stellarvue Access 80 mm refractor telescope
-Stellarvue 0.8x Focal Reducer/Flattener for the SV80
-Stellarvue 9×50 finderscope (used as a guidescope)
-QHY5L-II guiding camera
-Canon EOS T3i (modified by having the LPF-2 filter
-Astronomik UHC Clip Filter inserted into the Canon EOS

-Guiding via PHD2
-Exposures via Backyard EOS
-Registered, aligned, and stacked using DeepSkyStacker
-Processed using StarTools

The data for the image was collected in November 2017 from my backyard in Central Illinois. I used my Canon EOS T3i (which has been modified by removing the LPF-2 filter) along with an Astronomik Ultra High Contrast (UHC) clip-in filter to collect the light and dark frames. Between the camera and the Stellarvue 80 mm refractor telescope was a Stellarvue Focal Reducer/Flattener designed for use with the SV80 Access. The 0.8x focal reduction converts the 80 mm f/7 into an f/5.6 with a focal length of 448 mm (per the Stellarvue website). Thirty light frames and twenty dark frames were collected with the use of Backyard EOS, with an individual exposure length of 300 seconds at ISO1600. The data was registered, aligned, and stacked in DSS and processed with StarTools.