ic1396 Elephants Trunk HST

IC1396 Elephants Trunk HST by Chris Heapy, Macclesfield, UK.

Chris Heapy

Macclesfield , UK

Scope: Televue NP127is refractor
CCD: Atik490EX
Mount: Losmandy G11
Guide: TV Pronto+Lodestar
All data aquired from by back garden in Macclesfield, UK.

ic1396 is located in the constellation of Cephus and lies approximately 2400 light years away from us. The dark sinuous gas and dust cloud owes its formation to powerful stellar winds and intense UV radiation from a nearby hot and massive star (HD206267)which is actively sculpting its local environment. The most dense parts of the surrounding molecular cloud are best able to resist this onslaught and thus the visible nebula we can see is created. Within this nebula are thought to be new stars being born, gravitational collapse being initiated by compression of the gas due to the radiation and stellar winds of the massive star.

This image is a narrow band composite using three filters that pass Ha, SII and OIII wavelengths of light and which are mapped to green, red and blue respectively. Each channel consists of 8 x 20min sub-exposures giving a total of around 8hrs.