IC1396A Elephants Trunk Nebula HaRGB


Richard Cardoe

Cambridge, UK

9x1200s Ha, binned 1×1 -20degC.
Atik 383l+ Mono CCD + Baader 36mm 7nm Ha filter.
Skywatcher Evostar 80 DS-PRO with Skywatcher 0.85 FR/FF

17 x 600sec @ ISO800.
Canon 1000D (Full Spectrum Mod) + Baader 7nm 2″ Ha filter..
AA8RC with CCDT67 reducer.

14 x 300sec @ ISO800
10 x 600sec & ISO800.
Canon 1000D (Full Spectrum Mod) + Astronomik CLS-CCD filter…
AA8RC with CCDT67 reducer.

Total exposure 9 hours 40 minutes.
HEQ5 PRO Synscan with Rowan Belt Drive mod.
Guided by ASI120MM on 50mm 162mm/f3.2 guidescope.

Stacked and processed in PixInsight.

This is an HaRGB image of the Elephants Trunk Nebula composed of data from two cameras (mono CCD and DSLR) and two scopes (ED80@510mm and RC8@1100mm) imaged over 4 nights across a period of almost 2 years (July 2014..May 2016).