IC1871 The Soul nebula


David Slack

Newcastle Upon Tyne

Orion ed80, Canon 1000d, Revelation ed66mm, Canon 1100d, 2 x Altair 0.6 reducers, Astronomik 12nm Ha and Oiii filters, PHD + finder guider & Skywatcher HEQ5 syntrek. Processed with DSS, Pix Insight, Registar & PSP CS 5.

This is a composite narrowband image containing 4 hours of Ha data using Orion ed80 @ F6 + Canon 1000d and 2.5 hours Oiii data with Revelation ed66mm @ F4 + Canon 1100d. I like that the colour is fairly natural looking for a narrowband image and that I have been able to dual mount my two telescopes to good effect.