IC434 – Horsehead Nebula and NGC2024 – Flame Nebula


Simon Todd

Haywards Heath

Atik Cameras 383L+ Mono CCD Camera cooled to -20c
18x600S for each Red, Green and Blue Filters
5x1800S for HA Filter (Used as Luminance Layer)
25 Darks and Flats respective of Exposure time
Skywatcher EQ8 Pro Mount
Celestron C80ED APO Refractor
Astro-Tech AT2FF Field Flattener
QHY5LII Guide Camera on TS9 Off Axis Guider, guided with PHD2
Sequence Generator Pro Image Capturing Software

Both of these nebulae are located in the constellation of Orion and are on the left side of Orions Belt, the Horsehead Nebula is approximately 1500 Light years from earth, and the Flame Nebula is approximately 900 Light years from earth

The Image here consists of data gathered on the following dates from my location in Haywards Heath
Dec 31st, Jan 1st, Jan 7th, Jan 8th, Jan 11th, Jan 12th, Jan 14th, Jan 15th and Jan 19th