IC5070 Pelican Nebula SHO Palette


Richard Cardoe

Cambridge, UK

Image Details:
13x1200s Ha 1×1 (4hrs 20mins)
11x1200s OIII 1×1 (3hrs 40mins)
10×1200 SII 1×1 (3hrs 20mins)
Darks, flats and bias, all binned 1×1 @-20c.
Total exposure of 11 hours 20 mins.
Optic – SW Evostar ED80 DS-PRO with SW 0.85 reducer.
Mount – HEQ5 PRO Synscan with Rowan Belt Drive mod.
Sensor – Atik 383l+ Mono CCD + Baader 36mm 7nm Ha, 8.5nm OIII and 8nm SII filters.
Guiding – ZWO ASI120MM + Orion 162mm/F3.2 guidescope with PHD2.
Sequence Generator Pro and PixInsight.

I started this on an unexpectedly clear night 24th May and used 20min Ha subs rather than 30min to try and get a reasonable sized stack with decent SNR in the limited darkness we get here at 52N at this time of year. With no expectation that I would complete this project so soon, I got a further 2 clear nights within 5 days, which is almost unheard of! I was to capture the OIII and SII data and complete this image.