Indonesian solar eclipse


Michael Knowles


Nikon 7100 DSLR camera, tripod.

On February 28 2016 I embarked on a total solar eclipse adventure, flying to Singapore then cruising by sea to witness my sixth total solar eclipse experience.
I boarded my cruise liner MS Volendam on 1 March. Our ship’s course took us to several Indonesian Island ports before targeting the critical coordinates on the total solar eclipse line bearing at the Makassar Strait.
Several prominences were clearly evident on the left solar limb. The corona was very prominent.
Compared to other total solar eclipses I have witnessed this one was unique in my eyes. There were less colour variants surrounding the horizon and the black and silver being so dominant at the eclipse source in my opinion. The horizon was lighter too.
I am a member of the Sherwood Observatory based in Nottinghamshire.