Iris Nebula – NGC 7023 / Caldwell 4 / LBN 487


Ian Russell

Sutton Courtenay, Oxfordshire

Scope: TS Optics 130 super apo
Mount: iOptron CEM60 EC
Camera: Atik 490ex
Filters: Astrodon 36mm unmounted
Guiding: Atik OAG, QHY5L II, PHD2

This is the beautiful reflection nebula in Cepheus, the Iris Nebula. I love the blue hues in this object and was pleased with the detail in the billowing clouds of gas that are lit by a nearby 7th magnitude star. The nebula is framed by dust surrounding the nebula that obscures the background stars and really shows what a dark and dusty place parts of the universe are.

The image comprises the following subs: R: 26 x 300s; G: 24 x 300s; B 24 x 300s which were used to produce the RGB. Then I combined all of the RGB subs to produce a false luminance to better bring out the dark dust regions.

Stacked in AstroArt 5.0 and then processed in Photoshop CS5.