ISS over France

David Duarte captured this transit of the International Space Station over Saint Vincent de Paul, France. David used a Canon EOS 60D DSLR camera and 17-55mm Tamron lens. Credit: David Duarte

David Duarte

Saint vincent de Paul, France

Canon 60D
Lens 17-55 mm Tamron
5 exposures at 15 sec 400 ISO
Starmax and photoshop for compositing

This is ISS passing between Venus and Mars Wednesday, February 15 2017 19h47 pm at St Vincent de Paul southwest small city in France.
The preparation for this image was calculated 1 week before with the help of website Calsky, it give a lot of data like the exact time that ISS appears.
This picture was made with a Canon EOS 60D.
17mm f/4.5
400 ISO