Jupiter in broad daylight , 16:25 , 19th February 2013,


Steve Ward

Red Lodge , Suffolk , UK.

Canon EOS1000D (1/80s @ ISO 100). Skywatcher ED80Pro , 1.8 x Barlow , EQ3-2 , APT , Reg5.1 , Gimp2.8.

Finished my Lunar session at 4pm and thought it would be fun to try and catch Jupiter as he was nearby.

It payed off nicely , I could see no sign of him with my 9×63 binocular but the Canon picked him out.

Stack of 90 from 100 shot.

Close inspection shows Ganymede to the left and Europa to the right and the GRS as well.

Worthwhile exercise after all on the sunniest , warmest afternoon of the year so far , glad I didn’t wait until dark as the fog rolled in later.