Just Past Full Moon


Alan Kennedy

Ferryhill, County Durham.

The telescope used was a Celestron 8″ SC on a Skywatcher NEQ6 mount. The images were taken with a SPC880NC flashed to a SPC900NC. Each pane of the mosaic was processed in RegiStax 6 before being stitched together in PageMaker.

This all most Full Moon is a few hours past full, as can be seen by the shadows on the limb. It was taken last year when the Moon was high enough for me to image from my back yard. The image is composed of 32 panes stitched together in a mosaic.
People tend to forget about the Full Moon as there are no shadows to highlight its features, but the Full Moon has many varying albedo and ray features which weave a delicate web of intricate and beautiful detail across its surface.