M1 – the Crab Nebula


Ian Russell

Sutton Courtenay, Oxfordshire

Scope: Celestron EdgeHD 11 with 0.7 x focal reducer
Mount: iOptron CEM60-EC
Camera: Atik 460ex
Guiding: Atik OAG, QHY5l II, PHD2

Processed using DSS, AstroArt 5.0, RegiStar, and PS 5.

This is the famous Crab Nebula – the of a supernova thought to have been observed by Chinese astronomers in 1054. This is an RGB image augmented with narrowband Ha signal added to the red channel and OIII added to blue.

To me this is one of the standout objects in the northern hemisphere. I love the dynamic nature of the nebula – showing the evidence of the violent destruction of a star that created it – and the tendrils of gas like crackling electricity.