M13 Cluster




Imaged 26/05/2017
Location London
Tak 130 Telescope
Ioptron CEM60 Mount
Lum 3 x 300s
Red 2 x 300s
Green 2 x 300s
Blue 2 x 300s

The Hercules Globular Cluster contains an unusually young, B2-type star, designated Barnard 29. The star does not really belong to the cluster, but was presumably picked up by M13 on its orbit around the Milky Way. Other stars in the cluster are very old and only have about 5 percent of the Sun’s iron content as they were formed before the stars in our galaxy created metals. M13 also contains about 15 blue stragglers, old stars that appear younger and bluer than their neighbours.

Visible in this image at the left edge is the galaxy, NGC 6207 which was the site of a recent type II supernova, SN2004A. NGC 6207 is only magnitude 12.2 and spans only 3.3’ x 1.7’. It is estimated to be at a distance of 22 million light years, therefore its appearance in the image reflects a background object. An even smaller and fainter galaxy.