M13, NGC 6205 the Great Globular Cluster in Hercules


Matt Foyle


NEQ6 Pro
Badder 2″ filters
guided with Orion mini guider and QHY5M

Processed in Nebulosity V3.0 and CS5

I took this image after offering up the use of my equipment to the first person to give me a good target for the night. Robert Pickard of Alabama USA was the first person to submit a target in the online group. So given the difficulty we’re having with bright nights in the summer months I decided to give it a go for him. I did take a luminance layer but it makes the final image look softly focussed. I was surprised by Robert’s suggestion as I’d already imaged M13 earlier in the year and although now high thought it would fall too far west from my site. In fact I was able to track it for much longer,in a part of the sky I had thought was out of bounds and blocked by my own house (because my scope is right up against the back door). I learnt lots from a young visual astronomer and now have a bigger sky than I first thought.

The image is comprised of
6 x 300s RGB for a total of 1.5hrs