M16 Eagle Nebula


Jesper Sundh

Lyon France

Orion US 8 inch RC reflector working at native f8, 1,6m.
Camera: Starlight Xpress SXVR-M25C OSC.
Mount: iOptron iEQ45 guided by a Lodestar on a SW80ED.
Software: Nebulosity 3 capture, AstroArt stack and preprocess and finally Photoshop CS5 editing.

Flying low down south through the light polluted and rather smoggy air over the industrial areas by the river Rhone, The Eagle made a marginal target but I was really pleased to see that it was possible to image this iconic nebula even from the very centre of a big city. It is not great but it’s nonetheless rewarding to explore the skies from less optimal locations.
It is a total of 6 hours 35 minutes, gathered over three nights, made up by 79 five minute subs plus calibration frames.